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Why this partnership?

From Gregory C. Pappas, President & Founder

For years I’ve admired the work of Animal Welfare Karpathos and have been in contact with one of the organization’s co-founders, Dr. Anna Katogiritis. Following extensive discussions with Dr. Katogiritis and her team, we decided to incorporate animal welfare into the Greek America Foundation’s existing Greek America Corps volunteer program itinerary for summer 2021. Our goal is to directly benefit hundreds of abandoned and vulnerable animals in need on Karpathos while raising awareness among the local population and providing valuable firsthand experience to pre-veterinary students from North America.

About Animal Welfare Karpathos

Animal Welfare Karpathos is an all-volunteer non-profit organization registered in Greece which has been rescuing animals in need for more than 20 years. The organization’s leadership includes numerous Greek Americans as well as individuals from around the world with a wide array of professional experience and a shared passion for saving animals.

With a core network of dedicated local volunteers and partners, the organization can respond to animals in distress by providing food and water; removing them from danger; giving first aid or taking injured animals for veterinary treatment.

Animal Welfare Karpathos actively encourages people — residents and visitors — to adopt strays, spay and neuter animals and help to improve the health and well-being of all the island’s animals.

The vision of the organization is to reduce the island’s stray population; to accomplish this, they bring in experts from abroad to deliver annual, high-volume spay/neuter programs, including surgeries and health checks.

Through education, local community activities and collaborative support from international membership and partners, Animal Welfare Karpathos works to secure a better future for animals.

For more information about the organization, visit its official website.

Animal Welfare Karpathos co-founders Dr. Anna Katogiritis (left) and Sophia Hiras-Micros met with Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou in October 2020 to facilitate her adoption of Calyspo, a cat which had been rescued by the organization

How Our Partnership Works

Our work with Animal Welfare Karpathos includes a collaboration for one of our Greek America Corps summer 2021 volunteer programs in Greece. The three-week program will take place on Karpathos in June 2021 and aims to reduce the island’s stray dog and cat population with a high-volume spay and neuter campaign.

Our volunteer program is supported by the municipality of Karpathos, thanks to the generosity of Mayor Yiannis Nisyrios, and has also received praise from the world-renowned primatologist and animal rights advocate Dr. Jane Goodall. For more information about this specific program and how to apply, click here. APPLICATION DEADLINE JANUARY 31, 2021.