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Why this project?

From Gregory C. Pappas, President & Founder

Despite Greece being in peace without war on its borders, a deep financial crisis has once again relegated the status of the country’s most vulnerable — the children. Coupled with the world’s biggest refugee crisis in recent history, the epicenter of which is Greece, millions of children remain vulnerable to poverty, neglect and abuse not seen in any other modern society. These circumstances were the impetus for our launch of a fundraising and awareness campaign to directly support registered children’s charities doing important work in Greek society. 

About the #ChildrenOfGreece campaign

The numbers are stark — one in four children in Greece face extreme poverty, making the country the worst in the European Union, according to official statistics by Eurostat.

Medical care, education, social integration and other resources we take for granted in our home countries are lacking for thousands of children in Greece — a direct result of years of crippling austerity and unemployment, not to mention the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

Throughout Greece’s contemporary history, children have always been the victims most impacted by war, poverty and social unrest and throughout these extreme moments, the Greek diaspora, particularly in North America, has always responded in a resounding way.

Fundraising posters created by the American Committee for Relief in the Near East after the mass exodus of Greeks from Turkey in the 1920s amid the Asia Minor Genocide.

Keeping with that tradition, the Greek America Foundation launched the #ChildrenOfGreece campaign in partnership with six Greece-based charities whose work directly impacts all facets of children in Greek society — from birth, all the way through their developing years. 

From 2019-2021, our campaign will provide invaluable financial support to our selected charities (listed below). This initiative will also build a sense of awareness among North Americans about the challenges faced by Greece’s children.

In all cases, we receive financial documentation from each charity and monitor their fine work to ensure that all funds donated on behalf of our generous donors help the people they seek to serve. Click here more information about the process of how we send funds to partner charities in Greece.

About Project Hope for Greece

#ChildrenOfGreece is the latest iteration of Project Hope for Greece, our fundraising effort launched in 2013 in response to the worsening financial and humanitarian crises in Greece.

Campaign Update

As of December 2021, we have sent $45,000 to our partner charities. Click here to read our latest announcements.

About the charities we support


Eliza Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is the only Greek charitable organization (NGO), with the exclusive purpose of providing protection and care to children who have suffered or run the risk of suffering abuse or neglect. In pursuit of its mission, ELIZA is guided by the following principles: a) respect of children’s rights as citizens of the world regardless of culture, nationality or religion, b) multidisciplinary scientific approach and use of evidence-based practice c) transparency and integrity. Visit website here.


Founded in 2015, HOPEgenesis operates in the health and social welfare sector with a goal to reverse the trend of declining birth rates in Greece. ΗΟPEgenesis fulfills its mission through the following programs:
a. Adoptions of frontier regions and remote islands by covering all the costs of pregnancy, childbirth, transport and accommodation of pregnant women at affiliated hospitals and medical centers
b. Provision of in vitro fertilization (IVF) services
c. Remote medical monitoring of the program’s beneficiaries via telemedicine devices
d. Establishing preschool children’s activity centers and nursery schools in remote areas
e. Conducting research, meetings and workshops
f. Creating infant and preschool children’s care services in order to help women combine motherhood and employment.
g. Participation in the “Renaissance” program in frontier regions
h. Fertility Awareness Campaign for Greece by informing and raising awareness of reproductive health issues and providing financial support to women that are facing infertility issues.
The organization is currently active in more than 350 remote areas in Greece and more than 470 families have benefited from its programs. Visit website here

Ark of the World

Founded in 1998 by Greek Orthodox priest Father Antonios, Ark of the World provides shelter for abandoned children in Athens. Ark currently cares for 200 children — infants to 18 years old — and although the vast majority are Greek, the organization welcomes children from all backgrounds. Ark strives to relieve these children of poverty, hunger, illnesses, misery, exploitation and illiteracy. In addition to the children’s well-being, the organization also focuses on keeping families together and, when possible, not institutionalizing children and instead keeping them with their mothers. Ark provides monthly financial support — rent, water, electricity bills, etc. — for no income mothers. Moreover, Ark helps these mothers to find employment so that they may become self-dependent. Visit website here.


METAdrasi is a Greek Civil Society Organization, founded in 2010 with the primary aim of covering long-lasting gaps in the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece. METAdrasi’s activities are innovative and focus on the following areas: interpretation and intercultural mediation, protection of unaccompanied children (Escorting Missions, Guardianship, Foster Care, Transit Accommodation Facilities, Supported Independent Living), protection of vulnerable groups (Legal Aid, Identification and Certification of Victims of Torture, Humanitarian Aid missions), education and integration. Visit website here.

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children’s Villages in Greece focuses on helping families to cultivate a nurturing home environment for their children. The organization not only helps families care for their children but also provides alternative care once the children can no longer live with their own families. SOS’s specific programs include the Family Strengthening Program, which works directly with families, many of which are single parents looking after children alone. The organization provides family services such as parental counseling as well as material, social and emotional support. If, despite SOS’s assistance, children can no longer live with their families, the organization offers them a new home in one of its villages. Visit website here.

Greek Council for Refugees

The Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) is the oldest and largest NGO in Greece, exclusively dedicated to international protection issues. GCR provides free legal and psychosocial counseling and aid to refugees and third country nationals who are entitled to international protection in Greece. The organization aims to ensure their protection and smooth integration into Greek society. Priority is given to the most vulnerable cases including unaccompanied minors, victims of trafficking, victims of torture, single-parent families and so on. In the center of Athens, GCR operates the PYXIDA Intercultural Center which offers programs with an emphasis on refugee youth and children. PYXIDA staff directly support children and their families in all aspects of schooling. The staff also offers recreational activities for pre-school age children. PYXIDA also operates a parents’ school which works to integrate refugee families into Greek society. Children facing particular challenges can benefit from private sessions with PYXIDA’s child psychologist. Visit website here.


The power of Project Hope for Greece comes from the generosity of our supporters. If you would like your donation to be earmarked for a particular charity, please specify this detail when you complete our donation form.

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