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Endowed Scholarships

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Endowed Scholarships

As an offshoot of the Semester in Athens Scholarship program, Endowed Scholarships foster a love for Greece and Hellenism in students who are passionate about making a difference in the world. These scholarships aim to accomplish more than making a trip to Greece affordable — they aim to provide a life-changing experience which inspires the recipient to transform his or her community.

The effort to endow named scholarships is a wonderful testament to the philanthropic achievements of the individuals and families in our community and their commitment to education. Your gift serves as a long-term investment in our community’s future and the impact we have on society.

The Tsakalos Endowed Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Nicholas and Jeanne Tsakalos, and with support from the members of the Baltimore-Washington Greek American community, the Nicholas Tsakalos Endowed Scholarship enables one student per year to have a life-changing experience studying abroad in Greece.

The Tsakalos Endowed Scholarship honors the late co-owner of H&S Bakery in Baltimore, Mr. Nicholas Tsakalos, and remembers his life of philanthropy, generosity and service to the Greek American community.

The Tsakalos Endowed Scholarship is open to college students who were raised in the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia area or who are studying for a four-year college degree at one of the area’s institutions of higher learning.

The Karmanos Endowed Scholarship

Since 2017, the Peter and Danialle Karmanos Scholarship has been available annually to a student from colleges and universities in the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area. The endowed scholarship was made possible thanks to the generosity of Peter and Danialle Karmanos, longtime supporters of the Greek America Foundation and their native Detroit.

Both giants in philanthropy in their own ways, Peter and Danialle recognized the unique impact of the Greek America Foundation’s efforts on young people and wanted to lend their support; furthermore, they wanted to invest in the sustainability of our projects by creating this endowed scholarship.

“With an endowment, you secure the sustainability of the program for future generations. This is the long-term impact we wanted to have. We wanted to offer more Detroit-area students the opportunity to spend a semester in Greece and connect with the country, its language and its culture and people,” Peter Karmanos stated up on making the gift.

Interested in honoring a loved one with an Endowed Scholarship? Please contact us.