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PH4G 2016-2018
During our 2016-2018 campaign, we focused on individuals in Greece who embodied the ideals of humanity, philotimo and community service. The following beneficiaries received funds from Project Hope for Greece during this period. In all cases, we received financial documentation from the individuals and monitored their fine work to ensure that all funds donated on behalf of our generous donors helped the people they sought to serve.

Mama Maria of Samos

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis on her island of Samos, this selfless woman has cooked thousands of meals for helpless refugees. In 2015 she transformed her taverna into a make-shift shelter, feeding dozens at a time and laying out blankets at night for those who couldn’t find shelter. We facilitated a 6-month program with funds we raised from donors, including a $10,000 grant from the Philoptochos Society of Saints Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Glenview, IL, that enabled Mama Maria to keep her pantry full so she could keep cooking.

"Our message is that we should embrace refugees, all together."Maria and Michalis have opened their hearts and kitchen, feeding hot meals to 50 refugees a day on Samos, Greece.Know a hero helping refugees? Nominate them for our Nansen Award: www.unhcr.org/uk/how-to-nominate-a-winner.html

Posted by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vrysa Earthquake Victims

In June 2017 a devastating earthquake hit the island of Lesvos, destroying hundreds of buildings and the homes of dozens of families — the same families who had already sacrificed much of their livelihood during the massive influx of refugees that began in 2015. Just weeks later, Greek America Foundation staff traveled to the devastated village of Vrysa to see the damage firsthand and discuss with local officials how to properly allocate almost $45,000 of funds raised. To date, these funds have provided school supplies and book bags for 37 school-aged children; supported 40 Vrysa families with monthly food stipends between $80 and $120, depending upon family size, in the form of vouchers from a local super market; and hosted a holiday party and Vasilopita cutting celebration for 50 children from the village and their parents where each child received a gift certificate from a local toy store.

Lesvos Fishermen

Thanos Marmarinos and Kostas Pinteris — two fishermen from a tiny village on Lesvos — were among the Greek islanders thrust into the center of the worst refugee crisis Europe has experienced in generations. For much of 2015 and 2016, the pair stopped fishing for fish and instead became part of an integral team of average people saving lives by plucking children and helpless people from the waters off the coast of their idyllic village. In January 2017, the island experienced a massive snowstorm that destroyed their fishing boats — their sole livelihood. In coordination with the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, an anonymous donor gave the funds to fully repair the two damaged fishing boats, allowing Thanos and Kostas to reclaim their livelihoods and return to fishing.

Project Hope for Greece began in 2013 in order to channel the power of our supporters and encourage them to get involved via fundraising and raise awareness to bring hope to the people of Greece. Thanks to the philanthropy and creativity of our members and supporters, Project Hope has raised almost $1 million to date for reputable charitable organizations and honorable individuals doing important work to alleviate the crisis in Greece.

The people we have supported…

Maria Makrogianni and her partner Michalis distribute food to refugee children on the island of Samos.

Maria at her restaurant with refugees whom she feeds and offers dry clothing.

Food vouchers were distributed to 40 families in Vrysa.

Our Vasilopita party brought joy to more than 50 children and their families.

Fisherman Thanassis Marmarinos.

Fisherman Kostas Pinteris on his new boat.

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