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Tribute and Memorial Contributions

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Tribute and Memorial Donations

People helping plant the seed today, for a better Greek America tomorrow


We’re grateful to people who care about the work of the Greek America Foundation and chose to invest in our future with contributions in tribute to someone’s life, or in memory of their legacy. Please contact us today to donate your birthday, or set up a tribute or memorial fund for a friend or loved one.

In Memory of Pericles Markakis


In memory of Pericles Markakis, friends and family donated more than $3500 that was earmarked, at the wishes of the family, to our Project Hope for Greece campaign, which supported vulnerable people in Greece, where Mr. Markakis emigrated from. Read more about this great man’s legacy here.

In Memory of Gus Alpogianis


In memory of Constantine “Gus” Alpogianis of Chicago, a memorial fund has been created that will fund future Semester in Athens scholarships. Make a donation today in memory of Gus Alpogianis here.

-Lea Soupata and Sotirios Zervoulias ($500)