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Fellowships in Greece

The post-baccalaureate fellowship program offers North American graduating seniors and post-graduate students the opportunity to spend a year immersed in modern Greek life– living, working, learning and volunteering.

This fellowship was created to support students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the beauties and complexities of Greece, while spending a year there living amongst the locals and participating in normal day to day activities like studying and going to work.

The three required activities of the fellowship include Greek language training, a work-related internship and service to a non-governmental organization.

LEARN: The fellowship covers Greek language immersion courses at a recognized partner institution to allow the student to become comfortable with conversational Greek and use his/her new skills while living in Greece.

WORK: Using our extensive network in Athens, Greek America Foundation Fellows are placed in a customized internship and have the opportunity to gain valuable pre-professional experience in their chosen field.

GIVE BACK: Furthermore, given our commitment to philanthropy, we also arrange for Fellows to volunteer at a local charitable organization for a pre-specified number of hours per week.

The customized internships offer students professional development as well as a Greek network of support at a critical time as they are completing their academic studies and beginning to take their first steps in their careers. Included in the Fellowship is a stipend towards living expenses.


“It might be a little cliché to say that this experience has been a dream come true, but I cannot think of a more accurate way to put it. When I skype with the friends back home who, like me, have just entered the real world, I am always astounded by my good fortune. The Greek America Foundation fellowship has provided me with an opportunity to grow closer to my Greek heritage, while allowing me to sample a variety of different career paths while simultaneously instilling in me the importance of giving back to the community.”-Melanie Graf, 2014 Fellow